Faculty and Researchers
Paul J. Crutzen
Piotr Flatau
Dan Lubin
Joel Norris
Kimberly A. Prather, Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCSD and SIO
V. Ramanathan, CAS Director
Lynn Russell

*Richard Somerville, Climate Research Division, SIO
*Mark Thiemens, Chemistry and Biochemistry, UCSD
Francisco P.J. Valero, CAS Associate Director
Andrew Vogelmann
*Martin Wahlen, Geochemistry Division, SIO
Guang Zhang

*secondary affiliation
Project Scientists
Brett Bush
Anand Inamdar
Shelly Pope
Igor Podgorny
Post Graduate Researchers
David Adams
Chul Eddy Chung
Craig Corrigan
Roland von Glasow
Fang Li
Muvva V. Ramana
Eric Wilcox
Student Researchers
Neil Gordon  
John Holecek  
Elizabeth Koch  
Odelle Lariviere  
Steve Maria  
Guillaume Mauger  
Ryan Moffet  
Jill Nephew  
Sylvia Pastor  
Sharon Qin
Cynthia Randles  
Laura Shields  
Michele Sipin  
David Sodeman  
Matt Spencer
Stephen Toner  
Ryan Wenzel  
Nam Yoon NSF project on single column model simulation of convection and associated vertical transport of energy and momentum
Aihua Zhu  
Research Support
Steve Geary, Manager, DSCOVR Mission Office
Rocky Issa, Systems Administrator: P/A III
Anna Sabrina Leitner, ARL Staff Research Associate
Hung Nguyen, C4 Associate Director, KCO Manager
Elizabeth Reid, ARL Staff Research Associate
Collaborators from other Universities and Institutions
Greg Charmichael
Leo J. Donner, NOAA-Geophysical Fluid Dynamics Laboratory
Maria Flatau, Monterey
Andrew J. Heymsfield, National Center for Atmospheric Research
Jeffrey T. Kiehl, National Center for Atmospheric Research
John Kosmatka
Jos Lelieveld, Utrecht University
Phillip J. Rasch, National Center for Atmospheric Research